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BBQ Gift Ideas for Fathers Day

Its Father’s Day on 16th June this year. The first Father’s Day commenced in 1910. Since President Nixon declared this Federal Holiday, Father’s Day has been celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year. In Australia (September) and some South American countries (March) is celebrated on different dates. However, this special day honoring fathers may have become a little commercial but it’s the perfect time to let dad know that you appreciate all he does.

Apart from spoiling him with letting him relax there are so many gifts for Dad which will “make” his day. In particular, if your Dad enjoys Barbecuing. Here are a few ideas for the aspirant Pitmaster. Note : All of these are available through

How to BBQ Videos and Books.

Pitmaster and the Cook

Even the experienced Pitmaster would be happy to receive some fresh advice.

Video:-  Check out the Aaron Franklin Pitmaster Masterclass or sign up Dad for the Low and Slow BBQ at home by Ray Lampe. Take out a subscription for Dad. He can take his time and enjoy the lessons at home. There are even opportunities to get the answers for any grilling issues he may have direct from a celebrated Pitmaster.

Books:- There are many informative books on grilling available. Popular choices are:

Meathead The science of Barbecuing and Grilling by Meathead Goldwyn. This not only discusses concepts, methods, and equipment but has over a hundred grilling recipes.

Diva Q’s BBQ: – Diva Q’s Barbecue by Danielle Bennett. A perfect gift for the Dad who is just learning about the joys of grilling.

Big Bob Gibson BBQ Book—by Chris Lilly (Executive Chef at Big Bob Gibson) This book not only gives a history of grilling but includes secret recipes from this Legendary BBQ joint..

Barbecue and Grilling Accessories.

There are many brilliant accessories in the market that would make great gifts for any Father. Here are a few popular ideas.

Illuminated BBQ Tongs

Lighted BBQ Tongs

Lighted BBQ Tongs

These tongs have a centrally mounted light. It helps to illuminate the food when you use the tongs to flip. It has long handles and after removing the torch they are dishwasher safe.

Thermapen Digital Thermometer

Thermo Pro

Thermo Pro

This may be a little pricey but it is highly recommended by many famous Pitmaster’s for its speed and accuracy. It can read temperatures accurately in under three seconds!

Beer Pan Chicken Roaster

Beer Can Chicken

Beer Can Chicken

This is one of the best ways to cook a chicken. It allows the chicken to sit upright. This allows the fat to drip away and the skin to crisp. It also keeps the steam and vapors inside the cavity to keep the chicken moist.

Utensil Aprons

BBQ Apron

BBQ Apron

Buy your Dad a special apron into which he can place all his BBQ tools. This allows for easy access and some even have a pocket especially for the bottle of beer which is so important to Dad. Go a step further and plan to have his name embroidered onto the apron or pick one up HERE that says Dad.

Pitmaster Fashion

Much like Concert tee’s, Barbecue Apparel shows your Interest and Favorites. Whether it’s Pork or Beef, Smoking or Grilling, getting Dad a Tshirt, Shorts or Hat is a great way to go. He’ll look Good cooking up some great BBQ.

Grab these Exclusive Pitmaster Shorts today. Limited Quantity and when they’re gone, THEY’RE GONE. Check Availablility

Meats direct from the market to your BBQ

Why don’t you consider ordering online, some of the finest meats /sausages, and ribs? Dispatched directly to your Pitmaster Dad for Father’s Day. Treat your dad to some of the finest food items that will guarantee a great grilling result. Go online and order :

Pitmaster and the Cook

Pappy’s Famous Ribs:- Considered the best ribs in America by many people.

Snow’s BBQ:–Oak Smoked Brisket–award-winning

Snake River Farms–American Wagyu Beef -expensive but such a treat.

Doc’s Hot Link Sausages–direct from Texas.

Order direct from the makers. However, a great link is to work through who will ship directly to Dad.

Spoil your Dad on Father’s Day. Not only will he appreciate your thoughtfulness but the whole family can benefit from his increased enthusiasm to Barbecue!


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