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Are you and your Barbecue ready for summer? Its time to uncover that grill that has been sitting on your porch and have a look at getting your BBQ ready for summer. Summer is finally here and if you want to make sure that your first backyard grill of the season goes well you need to check over your grill.

Below are a few important pointers to making sure that everything is in order so that you are ready for your Summer BBQ.

Gas Grills:

You do need to give your gas grill a little closer attention than perhaps a charcoal one.

Firstly make sure there are no hazardous leaks. Take a brush or sponge soaked in soapy water and apply it to all your gas lines. Open your taps and watch carefully if any soapy bubbles form. If you do see bubbles switch off your gas and take a closer look. Even if a crack or hole is not visible it is best to tighten your connections or replace the line. You simply cannot be too careful.


Check propane levels. Once you have made sure that there are not any leaks it is a good opportunity to check your gas supplies. There is nothing worse than setting up for your first steak on the BBQ for summer only to have the gas run out as you begin.

A useful tip if you don’t have a gauge is to allow a cup of warm water to flow down the side of the tank. The spot where the water starts to feel cool on the tank is where the fuel level is.

Give the BBQ a good clean.

This is even more important than regular maintenance and cleaning when you open up your grill after it has perhaps sat a while albeit covered in your garage or out in the open.

Have a look at an article previously posted on titled “Don’t forget Grill maintenance.”

This article covers cleaning methods in some detail and will help make sure that your Summer BBQ is ready to go.

Click on the following link.

Clean out tubes and burners

This is something that should be frequently looked at throughout the BBQ season but is particularly important when starting up a gas grill that has not been used for a while.

Use a toothpick or a pipe cleaner to de-clog any build up and blockages in your gas ports or tubes. Make sure the propane supply is turned off first!

Assess your flame color

The most effective flame is the blue fire with yellow tips. If you are seeing flames without any blue color it likely means that there is not sufficient pressure coming from the gas tank.

Turn off the tank control valves then disconnect from the tank. Open and close the valves. Make sure there are no blockages.

Reconnect and then slowly turn the gas back on. If that doesn’t help then it could be that the burner ports need replacing.


Charcoal Grill:

There are often ash and unburned chunks of briquettes or wood left at the bottom of the bowl.

Before using for the first time this season scrape and empty out any ash. Don’t forget to empty the ash catcher as well.


Oil Coating

It is useful to spray a light coating of oil ( or cooking spray) after cleaning grates and grills. This helps to inhibit rust. It will also prevent food from sticking.


Check and Update Tools ready for summer

Tools that help be ready for a summer barbecue

Since it is the start of the season it is worthwhile taking stock of your Pitmaster tools!

This is a list of suggested basic items. Many of these are available in our BBQ Store. Click on the link below for a few ideas

Fire extinguisher

There should be a fire extinguisher easily available in your BBQ area. Remind yourself and family how to use it!

Good quality Grill brush

Make sure that the type of grill brush you choose is suitable for your grill. It is worth spending to make sure that you get a good quality sturdy brush that won’t leave bristle on your grill every time you clean.

Grill gloves/Mitts

Its worth having a pair of these nearby next to your grill. Every now and then you will need them to remove pizza stones or lift the grate.

Instant read Thermometer

Instead of having to keep cutting into your meat to make sure it is cooked rather invest in a thermometer. If you are unsure of readiness then the thermometer will measure the internal temperature ensuring that any items you serve are safely at consumption temperature.

Flash Light or Grill light.

Whatever type of light you choose it is essential to be able to see what you are cooking on your Summer BBQ.

Long Handles Tongs

It is not a good idea to use a fork to turn or remove your meat. This allows delicious juices to be released. Rather invest in a pair of long-handled tongs.

Spatula with an offset handle

The offset handle allows you to get under the food to turn without burning your hands.

Long-handled Basting Brush

Great for basting your BBQ food. Again the long handle prevents burning your hands.

These are the basic items. Check your supplies to see if any need replacing at the beginning of summer.

Follow all these tips and make sure that your Barbecue is ready for Summer. Grill all those new dishes you have been waiting all winter to try out!


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