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Barbecue is a Lifestyle

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By now, you may have realized the resurgence of Barbecue across the US. Many think of it as a Style of Cooking. It is. It’s an ancient method since the dawn of time and millions are on that Foodie Trend of scouting out some “good ole’ fashioned BBQ”.

But, for many of us, it’s a Lifestyle. A way of Life.

It usually starts out with your first purchase of an Outdoor Gas Grill. Learning to Master your Grill to obtain that nice char on your meats, the perfect grill marks and doneness. Experimenting with Recipes. It’s great Outdoor Fun for Spring and Summer.

Then, you’re starting to crave more. Maybe you’ll purchase a hibbaci for roadtrips and tailgating parties? Now you’re talking. You got bit by the bug. The taste of umami from the live fire and charcoal has got your juices flowing. Now you’re cooking in the Fall and on “Nice Days Outside”.

So now you’re traveling around looking for Barbecue Joints to get that Great Barbecue Taste, right in your own neighborhood.

Maybe, you’ve decided to travel down south and go on the BBQ Trail for a Barbecue Crawl?

It’s Official. Now you’re addicted. You’ve ditched the kitchen. Now you’re focused on replicating that wood smoke, fire kissed, spice rubbed flavor right at home. We understand.

So, you buy your first smoker. Most probably a Weber Kettle. Trying to work with charcoal and wood chunks to appease your appetite.

You’re too far gone. Now, you’re after a Weber Smokey Mountain. Full blown, wood smoking maniac! You’re family is now calling you “Grillmaster, BBQ Addict, Caveman, but you don’t care.

You’re on to something and you know it.

Now you’re spending as much time Outdoors – Cooking as possible. Spare tables are making their way outside to your “Pit Area”. Your wife is buying nicer outdoor furniture for your Outdoor Spaces. Your family is at attention when dinnertime rolls around. You’re getting closer than ever before.

Your cuppards are filled with rubs, marinades and sauces. You’re mixing and blending. You’re building firepits, your wife is buying S’mores ingredients. Your wood is piling up. Your backyard has now become an extension of your home.

You’ve learned how to make various healthy, well rounded nutritious meals.

Have we got you right? Or are you already on your way to Cooking Competitions?

This is Our Story of How We got Bit by the Barbecue Bug.

For us, it’s not just a summer method of cooking or a pastime. Barbecue is now our Lifestyle.  Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.

Day or night or 2 days straight. Camping out. Popping a squat around the firepit. Spending as much time Outdoors in our recreational spaces as we can.

Bit by Barbecue Bug

I’m addicted to Barbecue

We even write about it now. Will you Follow Us on Our Journey? Give a Like, Share, Retweet or Subscribe?

We got you pegged and we understand. We’re right there with you! This is a Family Affair!


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