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Barbecue Gourmet Products – Unusual Items that make a Perfect Gift !

Bring out the Barbecue Gourmet Snob in you! Whether you consider yourself an experienced Pitmaster or if you are just looking for a perfect gift for a Barbecue expert, then have a look at the products below.

If you want to impress then it’s always worth it to have a few unusual items round the pit. It is those things which you never knew you needed until you have tried them.

Duck Fat Spray – for the Barbecue Gourmet.

Finish your Barbecue Gourmet foods with a spray of Duck Fat from a can.! Use it on a skillet or lightly spray on your meat as you turn on the grill.

A spray of duck fat on a brisket will not only impart flavor but helps that spicy rub to stick to the meat. Duck fat holds up to high temperatures better than vegetable oils. It enhances the flavor of foods like potatoes and steaks. The duck fat has no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Cast Iron Garlic Roaster– Sweet Garlic Delight


Whilst it is easy to roast your garlic in aluminum on the fire the Cast Iron Garlic roaster allows an extra smokiness to penetrate the garlic.

Trim the tops off the garlic bulbs toss in olive oil and place in the garlic roaster with a dusting of salt and pepper.

Place on indirect heat on your Grill. Leave for approx. 45 mins. Serve the squeezed sweet roasted garlic with crusty bread or cheese direct from the grill.

Oyster Grill Pan 

Grilled smoky oysters are an unusual appetizer.

Buy yourself a cast iron oyster pan. It has 12 little cavities into which we can place the shellfish. The oyster should be shucked or in a half shell. These will hold them stable whilst on the grill.

Squeeze a drop of lemon and pop in a small blob of chili butter then place your oyster pan over indirect heat.

Serve straight of the grill. Food of the gods !!!

Steak Champ Meat Thermometers

One difficulty when hosting a grill party is that guests like their steaks at different levels of doneness. Set these unique meat thermometers to show the readiness of each steak on your grill. It even informs you with a blinking LED light when the interior of the steak is at the required temperature.

Settings include medium-rare (green), medium (yellow) or medium-well (red) .

The Pitmaster can serve the steak directly onto the guest’s plate removing the thermometer with a flourish… see just as you like it” medium -rare”

SteakChamp The Ultimate Steak Thermometer, 3 color, Black, 3rd Generation


Sea Salt Sampler Box – Perfect for the Barbecue Gourmet

In recent years it has become very trendy to experiment with artisanal salts. This gift box contains six different salts–a foodies dream.

Finish grilled food off with Smoked Bacon Chipotle Salt, Hawaiian Bamboo Jade salt, Pepper Salt, Garlic Medley, Rosemary Salt or Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt.

This product can be found on Amazon. Just click the below link :

The Smoked Sea Salt Sampler – Perfect as a Gift Set – Reusable Tins & Bamboo Spoon – Alderwood, Cherrywood, Bacon, Bacon Chipotle, Garlic Onion, & Garlic Salts – 1/2 oz. each, 3 total oz.


Bacon Rack for the Grill

Most people love smokey bacon. However, it is always a concern regarding the high-fat content which is not healthy and also the fact that cooking bacon on an open grill will cause fire flare-ups.

Enter the Bacon Rack. This useful gadget allows the pitmaster to grill bacon on an open fire without the fuss and mess. The rack has a non-stick surface which makes turning bacon strips easy. The whole rack is dish washable and the folded away till next time.

Multifunctional BBQ Tool

If you are “showing off” your barbecue skills you need the correct tools to create a great impression. Enter the Multifunction Barbecue Tool. They make this tool from high-quality Stainless Steel. It has rubber pads that allow for a perfect non-slip grip. The multifunction tool saves time and spacing and allows for one-handed grilling.

The tool combines a Spatula, Tongs, Flipper Tooth tongs, Fork launch control release and a very handy Bottle opener.


Pizzoni Aluminum Barbecue in a Case – Barbecue Gourmet on the move!

Finally, if you want to impress (but hopefully not insult your host) take along your Barbecue packed in a stunning aluminum case. It is definately not a cheap type portable grill and even comes with a stand and the sealed charcoal tray

It assembles quickly without tools and is adjustable to three different height levels.

Definitely Barbecuing in style with these Gourmet Barbecue Products!



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