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Barbecue-aholic Reviews

Barbecue reviews

Hello everyone! My name is Josh, and I’m a Barbecue-aholic. You should know that I’m a weird, eclectic guy. My Barbecue preferences are no different. One day you’ll find me biting into a savory forkful of Carolina pork drowning in vinegar and spices, and the next you’ll find me drooling over a Korean spare rib that will make you re-think who rules the Barbecue roost.

Barbecue Reviews

I’m from the Southern part of the US where the sauce is definitely the boss. But sometimes you just can’t beat a good rub when making great Q. I like to experiment, often times mixing my own rub. I like to try alternatives and keep things interesting. I draw inspiration from India, Singapore, Korea and Spain but these aren’t my only influences.

Even though I like to think outside the box, I’m a real fan of the classic styles and methods. Smoking low and slow stands high atop the mountain of legendary cooking practices. When you get that red ring of smoke you know you’ve done your job right.

You’ll find me as a Featured Writer at Pitmaster and the Cook. I hope to bring you a fresh perspective on what it means to Barbecue. My goals are to impart knowledge and leave you pondering your next Pitmaster adventure. Whether I’m delivering the review of a great grilling establishment or serving up tasty culinary tips, I hope you’ll walk away satisfied and full of inspiration.

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Josh is a Writer and Avid Foodie from Laurel, MS. He will be joining in to write Reviews and Tips about BBQ.



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