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Are You Smoking your Household Cleaners? Well, Yeah…

Think about it.

When you Clean, you inhale the fumes of that Cleaner. We’ve all been there with Oven Cleaner, but it’s the same with Chlorox, Bleach, Ammonia and everything you are using to kill Corona Virus / Covid 19 and every other Virus or Bacteria 🦠 in your Home.

Dangers of Household Cleaners

Recently, News was released about a 20 Year Study on the Damaging Effects of Cleaning Products. It revealed that Cleaning once a week with National Brand Disinfectants or Products containing these Toxic Chemicals are as Damaging , over time, to Lungs And Respiratory Health as Smoking a Pack of Cigarettes a Day for 20 Years! Read the Report: 

or Watch the Video:

Dangers of Household Cleaners

So, in essence, you are Huffing. You’re a Huffer Cleaner!

Unfortunately, this News was suppressed because these National Brands do not want to lose your Business.

National Brand Cleaners Linked to Lung Damage


It’s time to make a change …we are seeking Product Testers for All Natural Household Cleaning. You will receive Free Samples to Test and Review. For more information, head over to and signup. It’s free!

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