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What is a Pitmaster?

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Search online for the definition of “Pitmaster” and all the dictionary’s will tell you the definition is:


pitmaster (plural pitmasters)

  1. One who operates a barbecue pit.

, Free Cooking and BBQ Magazine

For most of us, we think of Pitmasters as ones who operate a Business (BBQ Joint) or are in Competition.

But what about those that are backyard guru’s?

The truth is once you Gain Respect from those you cook for, you are a Pitmaster. That means:

1. Mastery of one’s pit without electronic assistance.

2. Its the cook, not the cooker.

3. Understanding and controlling the environment.

A true BBQ master takes every aspect of cooking with smoke and makes it seem effortless. From the meat, the pit, the wood, the rub, temperature, prep techniques, the time and sauce, all come together to make great BBQ. Consistency is the key. If you aren’t consistent, you will never be a true Pitmaster. That means working with the variables and the environment.

Not all cookouts are the same. Sometimes you have to deal with a tough piece of meat. Wind, rain, snow, sleet or hail.

Boils down to one’s skillset… you have learned, burned and earned the foundation right.

Most Pitmaster‘s will agree, they have not proclaimed themselves to be called a Pitmaster. It’s their friends, family and audience who have given them the Title.

So, please tell us your thoughts, are you a Grill Master or a Pit Master? When did it happen for you? And how long did it take you?



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