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Another Great Grilling Debate: Gas vs. Charcoal

By: Thomas Shefchik 

Why Charcoal is the Only Grill for Me 

There are some things charcoal grills are not. They are not the fastest way to grill your meal. They are not the cleanest way to grill your meal. They are not the most convenient way to grill your food. Now though, for what charcoal grilling is: The only method of grilling I will ever choose. 

When I am grilling a meal, speed is never a consideration. I love lighting the coals, prepping the meat and sitting on my deck with a cold beer… waiting for the grill to be ready. I love the smell of the charcoal and the opportunity to relax. If I need to eat fast, I will go through a drive thru or order take out. If I am grilling, I am doing it on a day where I can take my time and fully enjoy it. Give me the smell of charcoal over propane 100 times out of a hundred. 

Additionally, I am pretty cheap. While some Webers and Green Egg grills can be pretty pricey, the cost of purchasing a charcoal grill generally pales in comparison to that of a gas grill. Charcoal itself is reasonable too, so charcoal grills are quite economical. While gas is slightly less per use than charcoal, the maintenance is higher, which is another point in charcoal’s favor. 

Moreover, I feel like food grilled on charcoal tastes better. For the longest time, I thought that this phenomenon may just have been because of the bias ingrained in me from my enjoyment of the charcoal process, but nope: It’s science.  

In review, charcoal offers more pleasant smells and a more relaxing grilling environment, is more economical than propane and makes the food taste better than gas grills. I am a charcoal believer, what is your preference and why? We wanna hear from you….

Thomas is a Grillmaster, Sportie and Food Writer from Duluth, MN. Will be sharing his experience with Tips and Tricks.


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