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A Quick Worknight Meal: South West BBQ Turkey Breasts

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Why grill dogs and burgers on the gaser cause you’re tired after work? Why not have a quick BBQ Turkey Breast smoked over Mesquite wood?

Many of us grew up with that home cooked taste of a Shake and Bake Pork Chop. Well, they came out with a BBQ Glazed One and it got me thinking. (Not a Sponsored Post).

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Once in awhile, you gotta try store bought items and amp them up. Why not?

Here’s What You’ll Need:

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South West BBQ Turkey Breasts

1 Box of BBQ Glaze Shake and Bake

1 Tsp Mexican Oregano

1 Tbs Your Favorite Rub (we used Adkins Mesquite Fajita Seasoning)

1 Tsp Chipolte Meco

2 PK True Lime

1/2 Tsp Oil

2 Boneless Tenderloin Turkey Breasts (Recipe will work with Chicken too)

Weber Grill (Ours is an 18″)

I wasn’t trying to overpower the Original BBQ Flavor but enhance it with a southwestern flair. You can season with your favorites or leave the Original BBQ Glaze flavors alone.

If you’re using store bought Turkey or Chicken, I recommend Brining for maximum moistness. Here I used a Butterball Turkey Breast (they call it Tenderloin) which is already enhanced. It’s a favorite because it is nitrate free, lean and healthy.

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To Cook:

Dry off your Turkey Breasts. Lightly Oil. Mix all ingredients in Bag provided, lightly crushing oregano between your fingers to release it’s essence. This Recipe was created using an 8 to 1 ratio of S&B vs Rub. Here we used ___.

Drop your Turkey into the bag and give it a shake.

This is going to be a hot and fast cook on your smoker. Home at 5. Eating by 6:10.

Start up your smoker.  Add your favorite wood. (I used Mesquite). Leave all vents open. You want this fire screamin’ hot. About 400* (I’ll show you more about my Fast Worknight Cooker Set Up in another article. Trust in me, you’ll have a nice light rosy pink smoke ring in this amount of time, a great juicy flavor and no bitter smoke flavor). You do not need a lot of wood to get that Smokey flavor you’re after.

This Shake and Bake is a Glaze, not Bread Crumbs.

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Place your Turkey on the Grill. Smoke it until it reaches 156*. It will carry over to 160* while resting. If you’re cooking bone in chicken or turkey – take it to 165* with a carryover to 170*.


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Approx Cooktime: 1 Hour 3 Min (for mine)


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Final turnout – Tender, moist, flavorful – The BBQ Shake and Bake has a good BBQ Flavor, slightly sweet. With my added jolt of heat, it came out just how we like it. Sweet Heat.


, Free Cooking and BBQ Magazine

, Free Cooking and BBQ Magazine

By: The Pitmaster (and the Cook)

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