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How to Find Great Barbecue

Tips For Finding A Great Barbecue Joint 

As an avid fan of Barbecue, I acknowledge that opinions vary greatly on what makes a great dish. Otherwise, why would there be different styles of Que? It seems everyone has a different idea of what it means to make great Barbecue.  

I wholly embrace this fact, which is why I’ve worked to create a list of criteria that takes away as much subjectivity as possible. If you will, follow me for tips on how to spot great Barbecue and feel free to agree or disagree with my assessments.  

The Parking Lot is Full 

This is a dead giveaway. Unless it’s a Tuesday evening and the restaurant is just about to close, there should be at least a few vehicles present with patrons to sample the menu favorites. This is especially true for the lunch and dinner hours. Barring a raffle or a buy-1-get-5-free giveaway, if the parking lot is full, you might be on to something.  

The Locals Eat There 

This one is a little more difficult to gauge, but I always check the license plates in the parking lot before I walk in. This is especially useful if your establishment is in a resort town. When the locals eat there, that’s the community vouching for the consistent quality of the food. It can also be a sign that the domestic culture is well represented in the offerings and the ambiance. Another way you might measure this is to chat up the waiting staff, or maybe even a fellow patron.  

Tender and Juicy 

Once we’re inside and we’ve ordered, we can test the food. No matter the flavor of the sauce or the quality of the rub, if the meat is stiff as a board, it’s more jerky than barbecue. This is a major red flag. If you’re biting into a piece of leather, the sign out front should read, “smoked cowboy boots”. My suggestion? Keep driving. 

Hopefully this gives you something to think about, and that’s my main goal. Best of luck on your hunt for delicious barbecue delicacies! To start your Journey, join me in the search from our Barbecue Directory. Find some Que near you! Barbecue Directory  

By: Joshua Rooks



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  1. Saundra Rooks says:

    I Never thought about checking the license plates! Good tip Thanks!!