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5 Instagram Chefs to follow during lockdown

Keep a lookout for 5 Instagram Chefs that along with many of us are stuck indoors around the world. Current statistics to hand indicate that a third of the world population is under some sort of lockdown.

This is the time to hone your cooking schools and become reacquainted with your kitchen. Even if you have a limited supply of foods there are Instagram chefs out there who will inspire and help.

These Instagrammers are so interesting in both their blogging styles and useful tips. They make us feel as though we are in the kitchen with them.


Even if you aren’t on lockdown these Foodies are well worth following – giving inspiration to any home cook.

Massimo Bottura: Instagram Chef at home

Instagram Chefs to follow

This Italian Michelin Star Chef has launched #KitchenQuarantine. Every night at 7 pm GMT he goes live through Instagram from his family homemaking dishes like tortellini Alla Panna, chicken pie, Thai Curry, etc. He is often helped by his family who are at home with him. Down to earth and practical recipe dishes. He also stays around for a while after each show and answers any questions his followers may have.

Monika Manchanda: Instagram Chef and Twitter Menu Expert

Monika is an Indian Food Blogger. She posts recipes of the day using simple ingredients that are in most pantries.

Try her Savoury Bread Pudding with Spinach Olives and Cheese ., a Vodka Shikanji ( Lime juice and fresh mint)or Mangalore Buns which are a great way to use up overripe bananas.

Monika posts on her Instagram account daily and apart from giving us a new recipe she posts inspirational comments for when you may be feeling down.

Another fantastic service that Monika offers is through her Twitter account feed.

Just send a list of ingredients that you have in your pantry and she will send you back a delicious dish that you can make. For example, she explained how to improve a simple rice dish to make Mexican Burrito Bowls or even an Asian Stir Fry from just Spring Onions.

Luke Selby: Instagram Chef with clear Recipe Instruction

Luke is a chef who has worked in some of the finest restaurants in the UK.

On his Instagram post, he lists step by step concise instructions on how to cook all sorts of things from pasta, fish en papillote to custard doughnuts.

His sous chef is often his wife Maise Williams star of Game of Thrones. Two good looking chefs with great ad-lib!


Antoni Porowski: Instagram Chef fun 

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Antoni is probably best known for his role as the Food and Wine Expert in Netflix Queer Eye. He is an accomplished chef and owner of the Village Den in New York.

His Instagram posts “Queer Eye: Cooking Lessons in Quarantine are simple and fun. They are aimed at using simple everyday ingredients that people will have stocked up within their pantry. He gives his recipe names with puns like Keep Kalm -lette -a black bean omelet. Fun and he is happy to take questions through Instagram.

Rachael Ray: Instagram Chef Recipes with Pantry Staples

Rachael Ray is a well-known television personality and celebrity cook. She posts tips and recipes on her Instagram post. Also, check out her Facebook page which highlights 15 meals that can be made at home with pantry staples. Love her simple Chicken and Rice Soup.

Follow these chefs on Instagram to brighten your day and help you to love your kitchen again. They will surprise you with their love of people and cooking.


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