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3 Tips to Make Your Next Outdoor BBQ Flawless 


By: Bethany Cohen 

Planning an outdoor gathering can actually be a lot more stressful that planning one indoors. Outdoor entertainment actually brings a lot more challenges and things that you will have to anticipate for accordingly. But, to make things easier for you and more enjoyable for your guests, check out the list below to get a step ahead on your next gathering! 

Popsicle Sticks Are Versatile   

Sure popsicle sticks are using for making delicious frozen treats on a hot summer day, they can also be used as “Burger Markers” as well. Label the popsicle sticks with the various ways you will be cooking your burgers and then after they come off the grill separate onto different plates and place a labeled popsicle stick so that your guests will know to take the burger of their desired temperature. This will also work for steaks and even chicken if you have it marinated in different sauces.  Or leave the choice to your guests.

Use Mason Jars…………..For Everything! 


When planning an outdoor gathering, organization is key because you will want to be able to move everything easily and quickly between the indoors and outdoors. Mason Jars are definitely an item that can not only be used in many ways but also affordable and can be recycled for other gatherings or everyday use. A Mason Jar can be used to hold silverware, condiments and even beverages. Add some chalkboard labels to each jar and you will have a fun way to display and serve your guests.  


Grilled Veggies Are An Easy Side 

06/29/11 Manhattan, NY (DIN) BBQ veggie grill pan. ( Richard Perry / The New York Times ) NYTCREDIT: Richard Perry/The New York Times
Published 07-06-2011

Preparing side dishes can sometimes be tricky for an outdoor gathering because you want to have them prepared in advance but, you also won’t want anything dairy related because it could spoil easily especially if you live in extremely warm climates. Grilling veggies are one of the easiest side dishes to prepare because they can be washed, cut and seasoned before your guests arrive and then simply put on the grill on their own Veggie Grill Tray at the same time as the meat.  

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Bethany is a Lifestyle Writer from Apollo Beach, Fl. She is joining in to write about Outdoor Cooking and Entertaining Ideas. 

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