The Best and Worst Foods to Eat at a BBQ

By Nicole Dossantos



Eating healthy at a summer barbeque may seem like an impossible task, but the truth is that you can still eat delicious foods and maintain your overall health and wellbeing. It’s important to educate yourself on the best and worst foods; this way, you know what foods are best to avoid and healthy to consume.

The Worst Foods:

  1. Sausages – “Sausages consist of processed meats of mystery origin that is high in fat, high in sodium, additives and often has fillers such as breadcrumbs or flour to make up the rest of the sausage,” Clara Chung, Certified Health Coach, says. “Regular consumption of sausages and other processed meats can lead to hypertension, heart disease and some forms of cancer over time.”
  2. Salads made with store-bought dressing – “Salads [are] a great way to cut through the greasy meal but make sure it’s made with a homemade dressing. Store bought dressings are often deceptively unhealthy with a number of preservatives, sugars, salt and other additives added to the dressing to prolong its shelf life,” Chung says. Consider a homemade dressing instead. “A simple olive oil, balsamic vinegar dressing can be a good choice,” she adds.
  3. White bread – “We all love a bit of BBQ sauce and a snag on a piece of white bread. But white bread is made from refined flour which is high GI, but low in fiber and low in nutritional value,” Chung says. “High GI means it gets absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly, which in turn gives us those 3 pm energy crashes because our blood sugar spikes then drops rapidly.”

The Best Foods:

  1. Grass-fed steaks – “Eating meat itself isn’t bad but make sure it comes from clean origins,” Chung says. “Grass-fed steaks [are] a much better choice than factory-farmed animals because grass-fed cows are fed a diet that’s aligned to the animal’s natural diet.” The ability to roam around in pastures means they are generally leaner and less prone to diseases, she adds.
  2. Raw veggies- Cooking your vegetables tends to destroy vital nutrients which is why you should opt for raw veggies. Filling half of your plate with raw veggies will provide your body with vitamins, fiber, minerals and essential oils.
  3. Free-range, organic chicken – “Consuming meat isn’t unhealthy; it’s part of natural evolution as human beings. However, we want to make sure our meats come from a clean source,” Chung says. “Free-range chickens mean the animal is given the opportunity to move around which means they are leaner, the meat is firmer and generally [healthier] compared to factory-farmed animals.” Choosing organic chicken guarantees that it is free from hormones and other additives which can affect our digestive system as well as our hormone regulation, she adds.


Nicole is a Professional Writer published on MSN, Huffington Post, Fox News, Fox News Travel, Huffington Post, Yahoo, and The Active Times. She is joining us to speak about Health and Nutrition.

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