3 Reasons Why Fall Is The Perfect Barbecue Season

By: Michael C.

3 Reasons Why Fall Is The Perfect Barbecue Season

The words summer and barbecue have long seemed like the perfect match. Grilling some burgers and hot dogs on a warm summer night is a hallmark of barbecue.

Though summer receives most of the limelight, fall is the unsung hero of the grilling world. When taken advantage of, Mother Nature’s third season can provide some unforgettable barbecue.

 Cooler Weather

Frankly, being near fire feels better when it’s cool outside. In conjunction with the crisp fall wind, the fire under the grill can give your body a unique feeling of cool warmth. You will feel closer to your primal ancestors, cooking to survive instead of cooking for entertainment. The fall air is an unrivaled host for the delicious smell that rises up from your grill. Summer humidity often pulls away from the smell of your barbecue, but cool fall air is a perfect conductor.

Better Foods

When you think of grilling, you probably think of hamburgers and hot dogs in the summer. The fall has no room for burgers and dogs. Autumn is a time of barbecue diversity: pulled pork, ribs, turkey and vegetables are amongst the many foods you’ll want to throw on your grill. Speaking of fall vegetables, harvest season is the best time of the year for grill-friendly produce. Grilled potatoes are the hidden gem of the season. (Bonus points if they’re sweet potatoes)


By and large, fall is the greatest season for bonfires. On a cool night, these outdoor gatherings are the perfect opportunity to tell stories, drink warm apple cider, and… eat barbecue?

That’s right. Eat barbecue.

No one will complain when you take the pulled pork you’ve been smoking off the grill. No one will mind a sweet potato, grilled to perfection. And everyone will appreciate the post-barbecue bonfire they can retreat to from the cool fall air.


Bevy of Fall Favorites.

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